Knowledge ~ Empowerment ~ Advocacy

Welcome to Belle Legal, PLLC, a virtual law firm providing freelance legal services in DC and Maryland.

rashida i. sims, esq.

I believe that knowledge is power, and that the law is power personified. My mission is to empower and advocate for clients and secure the best outcomes. 

As an attorney, I am dedicated to providing unparalleled legal services that encompass opportunities, second chances, and societal impact.  

The expertise and advocacy you will receive as a client at Belle Legal, PLLC makes me an ideal partner in your legal journey. 


Business law

I focus on providing services to attorneys in the areas of business formation and contract drafting.

With a comprehensive understanding of business practices across Washington, D.C. and Maryland, I can asssist with the documents necessary to create the foundation for an entrepreneurial journey.

I focus on representing individual clients who wish to appeal claims denied by a VA regional office or the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA), and those seeking military discharge upgrades due to an other than honorable discharge.

I also provide services to attorneys such as file review and triage, medical records summaries, development of case strategy, and BVA hearing appearances.

criminal law

I began my legal career as a public defender. I continue in this field providing representation at inital appearances, bond hearings, and working behind the scences to support protection of individual rights.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C. 

Serving locally and nationwide.